The Fool is a Villager who is made to believe he is the Seer. Both are Seer cards marked to be separate. The Fool is given one at the beginning then the Moderator gives random answers to his investigations. Only the Moderator knows which player is the real Seer.

The Fool greatly balances against the Villagers. Both the random answers and the real Seer having to doubt themselves reduces the effectiveness of one of the most important Villager roles. 

The Fool Variations[edit | edit source]

  • The Moderator announces when the real Seer dies, so the Fool then knows that his investigations were false.
  • The Fool becomes an actual Seer when the real Seer dies. This is announced as the real Seer reveals their card.
  • The Fool isn't made to believe they are the Seer. They are simply a Villager who always votes to kill.
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